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Welcome to Fitness Tree, the place to be for Functional Fitness in your own garden, backyard, outdoor space or exercise facility. Our mission is to provide easy to use, accessible and effective home based fitness stations that inspire regular exercise and a lifetime of fitness and health. Our outdoor fitness equipment known as the Fitness Tree™ come with a variety of attachments to provide a full range of fitness exercises. Made of high quality rust resistant steel and a ‘play grade’ timber pole, the Fitness Tree is a great way to enjoy exercise outdoors.

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One of the reasons many people give for not exercising enough is that they don’t have time, they don’t have a local gym, or they lack the motivation to work out. With Fitness Tree, you really don’t have any excuses! Installed in your own garden, you will have instant access to a whole range of exercises to target every muscle group in your body – with no need to travel or spend hours slaving away in a gym! Exercising outdoors has numerous benefits, from getting you out into the fresh air through to getting a little more sun (when we are lucky with the weather!). Another great benefit of having a Fitness Tree at home as your fitness equipment is that you do not need to have a large collection of bulky fitness tools in order to get a great workout – the Fitness Tree serves as a multi-function piece of equipment, offering hundreds of potential exercises with just one piece of exercise equipment.

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The Fitness Tree has more to offer than a standard piece of exercise equipment! From the basic tree setup, a huge number of bodyweight exercises can be performed. Add to your Fitness Tree with our amazing range of accessories and complementary products to really add an edge to your workout. From weighted bags, to battle ropes and pull up bars, we can create a complete home gym in your own garden. For professionals, personal trainers and gym owners, the Fitness Tree offers an exciting and new way for your clients to exercise! A workout with the Fitness Tree is a unique experience, offering a full body strength and conditioning routine with minimal equipment and space required. Try our Fitness Tree Commercial range for the same great workout equipment with added security features and additional add on features to make your tree the best workout option around.

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