What is the difference between the different Fitness Tree models?

Please see the ‘product comparison chart’ tab shown at the bottom of each fitness tree product description.
Please click here to see our Fitness Tree Product Features Comparison Table.

How easy is it to install a Fitness Tree?

Installation is the first Fitness Tree workout and is a simple process! If you have some DIY skills and someone to help you with the Fitness Tree pole, then you can install a Fitness Tree within approximately 2 hours. You can also give us a call beforehand if you would like any advice. All our Fitness Trees come with full installation instructions. These can be seen by clicking this link.
Please click here to download our installation instructions.

Do you offer a full installation service around the UK?

Fitness Tree is located in Nottingham and we perform installations up and down the country. It can however work out to be expensive for you if we have to travel long distances to install a Fitness Tree. We therefore encourage customers to contact local landscape gardeners or builders if they find they do not wish to install their Fitness Tree themselves.
These tradesmen will have all the tools to carry out the job quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the price. If you would still like us to give you a quote please feel free to contact us.

How strong are the Fitness Trees?

Fitness Trees are extremely strong and durable. The galvanised steel attachment branchs are manufactured in the UK by one of the leading fabricators. The poles are Class 4 ground contact Taneleth E pressure treated timber meeting BS 8417. The preservative penetrates deep into the heart of the wood far in excess of British Standards. The Fitness Trees have been independently strength tested by a reputable professional company.

How does the attachment branch operate and how many height settings are there?

Fitness Trees have 7 height settings along the pole allowing the user to get as much exercise variety as possible.
The attachment branch can be moved up and down the pole by hand using a bar located at the front and rear of the attachment branch.
It can then be locked in one of the 7 positions using the operating pin that slides through the pole and attachment branch.

 Can you move the Fitness Tree once it has been installed?

It would prove difficult to move the Fitness Tree pole once installed as it is required to be postcreted or concreted into the ground. If you were to relocate you can remove the attachment branch and other parts and re-order a pole which we sell to returning customers at cost.

Do you deliver Fitness Trees to countries other than England, Scotland and Wales?

We have delivered Fitness Trees to N Ireland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Scilly, Scottish isles & Channel Isles as well as Europe. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to send you a quote.

Can I hang my own punch bag on the Fitness Tree?

Fitness Trees have been tested using the standard 2 foot Fitness Tree punch bag shown on our web site. Some customers have chosen to use their own punch bags and have been happy with how they perform.

What are the dimensions of the Fitness Tree?

The total length of the Fitness Tree pole is 3.4 meters . When installed 2.4 meters remains above the ground with 1 meter postcreted in the ground. At its widest point the Fitness Tree attachment branch is approximately 1 meter.

Can the attachment branch be removed when the Fitness tree has been installed?

Yes the attachment branch can be easily removed and replaced by sliding it up and over the top of the pole.

Can children use the Fitness Tree?

Due to the Fitness Tree having an attachment branch that can be moved we recommend that children should not be allowed to use the Fitness Tree™ without the strict supervision of adults.

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