We created the ‘Fitness Tree’ with the aim of packing as many bodyweight and functional fitness exercises into 1 space saving fitness rig. The Fitness Tree can perform all the exercises of a traditional power tower, chin up bar, pull up/dip station and vertical knee raise plus so much more!

The Fitness Tree is specifically designed to weather tough outdoor conditions and allows for year round training in all environments. ‘They have also been strength tested by an independent company’.

The attachment can be held in 6 positions up and down the pole through a simple pin system allowing the user to perform over 100 different exercises from one simple garden multi gym.

Different height and hand positions created by the the unique attachment provide more options in terms of comfort and exercise variety.

The attachment branch has anchor points for resistance bands, suspension trainers or other fitness devices including a punch bag.

The post is ideal for training rope exercises such as battle rope waves and wrap around rope pulls.

The Fitness Tree garden gym require installation. They are similar to planting a fence post and therefore are easy to install. They come with a DIY installation guide and you can also contact us free for friendly advice and support. Alternatively, we do offer a full installation service. Please click here to see our ‘Fitness Tree installation’ for more details.

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Fitness Tree Key Features