Timber Sourcing and Properties for our Fitness Tree™ 

1. Fitness Tree recommends treating the fitness Tree pole at least once a year with wood stain in order to protect and maintain the longevity of the wood.
2. The Fitness Tree is made from machine rounded playgrade pressure treated Radiata pine and each timber is hand finished.
3. All timber is sourced from fully managed forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This is a Class 4 ground contact Taneleth E pressure treated timber meeting BS 8417 the preservative penetrates deep into the heart of the wood far in excess of British Standards.
4. The AQA non-arsenic, non-chromium preservative is completely harmless to human, animal and plant life, it conforms to BS EN 599-1 and will not soil hands or clothing.
5. Timber is a natural material, which is subject to the effects of drying in the sun and expanding in wet weather. Inevitably splits occur as part of this process but will not extend through the heart of the wood and do not weaken the timber or the structural integrity of the Fitness tree. This is Mother Nature at work and should not be considered a fault. The timber should revert back to its normal state when the equilibrium of the moisture content within it returns
6. Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure the Fitness Tree pole has met the relevant British standards and remains strong and stable in the ground once installed, over a prolonged period of time the pole will decay due to its contact in the ground. The timbers desired service life is on average 10-15 years however correct installation, weather/ground conditions and maintenance all have a bearing on the life of the timber. It is the owner/users responsibility to check the pole regularly to ensue it remains stable in the ground prior to exercise. Fitness Tree accept no responsibility or liability of accidents/injuries caused in these circumstances.
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